Single rides

Arrive and drive!

Rent a carting ride of 10 minutes with measurement of time, without an appointment, whenever the track is free. Availability can be found here: LINK
Goal is to beat the time! After driving you get a printed listing of lap times, by circles. The same will arrive at your mail address you registered in the system, and on your account you can monitor the progress of the drive.

Individual rental carting is an attractive form of relaxation for both beginners and experienced carting drivers. This type of drive is an excellent introduction to carting itself and an ideal way to train for the race. We offer different types of carting, so that everyone from 7 to 77 years can find the proper carting for themselves.

Carting ride is exciting entertainment for the whole family! It is equally interesting for both individuals and groups, beginners and experienced carting drivers.



Experience the ride in a new and dynamic way! Get involved in Carting revolution - Only professional karting track in the country!




Autokomerc Karting Center

Address: Svetog Save 84c, Belgrade

Phone/fax: 011 31 31 591

Mobile: 063 325 733

Corporate Carting: 063 240 660

Working hours:

Every day: 10.00-17.00

Kids hours:

Weekdays: 10.00 - 17.00
(obligatory before arrival, check if the track is booked in the mentioned period - working days)

Weekend: 10.00 - 12.00