If you are more than 8 years old, you can drive carting on the track for professionals. You are old enough to have your own carting race in separate and safe children’s carting.

The track is 803m long, providing you with an 18 turns that you need to pass in order to win. This track is the only one in the country that holds the license FIA CEC C and satisfy international standards of carting competitions.

The track is appropriately illuminated, so you can to drive in the evening. Summer evening ride is the most beautiful.

There are 4 cameras on the driving lot that capture each ride. If you want, you can get a recording on CD, for a memory, analysis and fulfilment of even better results!

Your parents can cheer for you and watch you drive on the LCD screen inside of a Go Kart Cafe’s.



If you have 7 or more years, this is right track for you! Its length is 80m and it is 2m wide. This track is completely safe to drive. We have a small size carts, specially adapted for our young drivers. Cart’s power is 50ccm3, and maximum speed is 15km / h.


Mom and Dad do not have to worry! Carting instructors will show you how to drive (and it’s so easy!). Instructors are also there to assist you and look after you during the whole ride.



To all children, before their first ride, we suggest at least an introductory driving course in the kart-racing school.

Depending on how old you are and whether you want to drive alone or with a parent, you can choose carting that you will drive:

Baby-kart                                     50  ccm                                    

Children-cart                                200  ccm     36,5  KS

Two-seat cart                            270  ccm3      9  KS


While driving, be sure to wear a helmet and protective gear, just like professional drivers do on the track.

Each driver is required to wear protective gear: overalls, balaclava, helmet and gloves.

Before you start driving, the instructor will explain the rules of behavior on the track. There is no reason to worry and fear! Rides are completely safe, and the instructor will take good care of you! He will tell you everything you want or need to know about carting, how to drive them and the rules in carting sport. You’re going to have a great time and you will learn to drive real small car yourself!



Carting school consists of eight training sessions a month (theoretical and practical), after which participants acquire school certificate of Autokomerc Carting Center and licensed by AMSJ.

The school is based on individual approach – with each candidate, trainer works especially in accordance with their abilities and preferences.

We want that our participants – young carting lovers – spend unforgettable moments and give them valuable and exciting carting experience.

Contact for information and registration: 063 325 733



Experience the ride in a new and dynamic way! Get involved in Carting revolution - Only professional karting track in the country!




Autokomerc Karting Center

Address: Svetog Save 84c, Belgrade

Phone/fax: 011 31 31 591

Mobile: 063 325 733

Corporate Carting: 063 240 660

Working hours:

Every day: 10.00-17.00

Kids hours:

Weekdays: 10.00 - 17.00
(obligatory before arrival, check if the track is booked in the mentioned period - working days)

Weekend: 10.00 - 12.00