Children birthdays

If you’ve wondered what birthdays kids remember the most, now you know the answer – carting birthdays!

Treat your child and his friends with birthday on which they will talk for days!

The excitement on their faces after drive has no price! Especially when they win medals…

Package 1, for a birthday celebration on weekdays:

Price: 2,400.00 dinars per child

Package includes:

  • Minimum of 5, maximum of 10 children
  • Lease of the track for a period of 10/20 minutes (ride takes 10 minutes, driving in groups of max. 5 children)
  • Reservation of required number of tables in a café for cake and celebration
  • Balaclavas for children
  • Cup for birthday kid and medals for his guests
  • Invitations

Package 2, for a birthday any day:

Price: 400 € + VAT per hour

Package includes:

  • Lease of the track for one hour
  • Driving carting in groups of max. 5 children, each session lasts 10 minutes
  • Reservation of required number of tables in a café, decoration service flags
  • Cup for birthday kid and medals for his guests

Drinks are required to take in our bar, cake you bring or order through us. It is also possible to order catering, hire additional entertainment and much more. The children are available table tennis, playground, baby slopes for the youngest guests and a huge area for scampered, football, volleyball, basketball … while their parents enjoy the beautiful surroundings of cafe.



Experience the ride in a new and dynamic way! Get involved in Carting revolution - Only professional karting track in the country!




Autokomerc Karting Center

Address: Svetog Save 84c, Belgrade

Phone/fax: 011 31 31 591

Mobile: 063 325 733

Corporate Carting: 063 240 660

Working hours:

Every day: 10.00-17.00

Kids hours:

Weekdays: 10.00 - 17.00
(obligatory before arrival, check if the track is booked in the mentioned period - working days)

Weekend: 10.00 - 12.00