School of Carting

Basic Course

“Basic Course” is an optimum solution for all those who acquire first experiences of driving carting, as well as those who want to improve their driving technique. It is suitable for beginners as well as for those who already have some experience in driving carting. The course includes 5 classes lasting 90 minutes. Content of each class follows a program, whether it comes to theoretical part or driving in practice. Students are introduced to a way in which carting is functioning, the structure of the engine, chassis, as well as the accompanying elements, and then the ride. Meets up with the ideal trajectory, cornering, evading and proper behavior on the track. Training is done with “rental” carting of different strengths, depending on age and ability of a driver. What is also provided is the safety equipment and the driver is fully secure on the track. Price of training session (90 minutes) is 3,000 dinars with all costs included. Upon completion of training under the “Basic Course”, driver shall acquire all necessary knowledge about driving carting, as well as rules of behavior on the track. The course can attend the youngest, from 7 years of age.
Advanced Course – Advanced Course


Advanced Course

“Advanced course” is an additional form of training techniques of driving carting, which, if desired, beginners can enroll after completion of “basic course”. It represents a further step in improving driving and provides the ability to devote more attention to the issue of driving under extreme conditions. Also, through the “advanced course”, driver goes through a series of new programs and tactical exercises with the aim of training techniques. Training includes 4 mandatory classes for a period of 90 minutes, with rental carting of various power range. Price individual time (90 minutes) is 3,000 dinars with all costs included. Upon completion of the “advanced course”, driver is fully qualified for the independent management of carting, maintenance of carting vehicles and equipment. Additional vision of perfecting driving can also follow the youngest, from 7 years of age.


Professional course

“Professional Course” is the final course of training. It is designed for those who wish to improve their driving techniques of carting on a professional level. Within this program, the most complicated segments of driving carting is resolved in different conditions. Finding your way through the crowd on the course, practice recognizing emergency situations and timely response, how to get around opponents, to hold the position, are some of the issues to be addressed under this program. The course includes 4 individual classes for a period of 90 minutes. Price of individual class (90 minutes) is 4,500 dinars. Training is done with professional carting with different power and performance. The course can be attended by persons 10 years of age and older.

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